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The ‘Before You Buy” Checklist Helps Ensure The Vehicle You Love is the Vehicle You Need

What You Need to Consider...

Set a Budget - Determining a firm budget for your preowned vehicle purchase is the #1 priority after you decide you’re in need of a car, truck or SUV. With a budget in mind you can confidently begin moving down the checklist on your way to a purchase. However, skipping the budget step can cause unnecessary stress, heartbreak and frustration.

Key Points:

  • are you saving to make your purchase, or do you need financing?
  • what will the annual vehicle maintenance costs be?
  • how much will insurance cost for this vehicle?
  • will you incur costs to personalize the vehicle (car stereo, automatic car starter etc)?

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What do You Need Now - Now that you’ve determined your budget, you need to consider the purpose of your vehicle. This is a huge question that needs answering before you go near any used car lots. What’s the vehicle going to be used for? Is it a retirement gift to yourself, a first car purchase, or the newused family vehicle?

Key Points:

  • how much time will you be spending in the vehicle everyday is it suitable for long daily commutes, can you squeeze it into your small parking space at work?
  • does it have the space to accommodate your lifestyle?
  • is it an in-town vehicle, or mainly for highway driving?
  • can you get the child car seats in and out with ease?

Know Your Options - By now you should have narrowed your search to a handful of vehicles that fit your need and budget. With that knowledge in the bank, it’s time to investigate and compare those vehicles to determine your best options.

Key Points:

  • what are the safety ratings of the vehicles you’re considering?
  • which vehicle has the best fuel efficiency?
  • what kind of reputation do these vehicles have?
  • what are the available options and features, which ones are you interested in/not interested in, how will they impact the price?

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Finding Your Vehicle - Congratulations! By now you’ve likely selected 13 vehicles for purchase. Now you have to find a few that fit your price range. A good first step is using an Internet search to compile a list of dealers who have the vehicles you’re looking for. Buying from a dealer is more reliable than a private sale, but you still need to find the right dealer. Ideal Wheels is located in Cornwall, Ontario and serves the great Ottawa region. 

Key Points:

  • is the dealer able to offer you a trade in on your existing vehicle?
  • if you need financing, do they offer fair terms?
  • has the vehicle been inspected and repaired, both cosmetically and mechanically?
  • are you being supplied with the entire vehicle history?
  • is the dealer a member of the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA)?

Call Ideal Wheels Today 613-209-7776 We’ll Help You Get the Vehicle That’s Right For You. 

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